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OLIS Service Announcement: Moving from ebrary titles to ProQuest titles in Aleph

If your campus loads ebrary MARC records into Aleph in batch and you have moved to the new ProQuest platform, OLIS now has documentation and procedures in place for you to update Aleph.

New documents have been added to Footprints Knowledge Base #12458, How To Batch Load Vendor Files of MARC Records, to assist campuses with the migration of ebrary titles to ProQuest titles, and to assist with using the ProQuest platform:

Replace ebrary Records with ProQuests Records in Aleph.docx  — Please start with this document. It provides an overview of  the project of replacing MARC records in Aleph, and how to handle monthly updates.

ProQuest – Obtaining Records from Vendor.docx

Upload MARC Files Using the GUI.docx


As always, please submit a Footprints with any questions you might have.

Thank you.

— Natalie

OLIS Service Announcement: New Footprints on using p-manage-21

A new Footprints Knowledge Base Solution is now available:
#13084 – How To Run p-manage-21 to Change Bib and HOL Data

Two documents are included on this Footprints:
Using p-manage-21 to Change Bib Info
Using p-manage-21 to Change HOL Info

p-manage-21 is a job that allows you to make global changes to data. When run in the 01 library, changes are made to Bib records. When run in the 60 library, changes are made to HOLdings records. With p-manage-21 you can add, delete, or find/replace data. The 2 documents provide examples (with instructions) of using p-manage-21 on both Bib and HOL data.

If you have any questions, please submit a Footprints.


— Natalie