Monthly Archives: November 2016

OLIS Service Announcement: Ebook Central and ebrary titles

With ProQuest’s impending move to Ebook Central for delivery of ebrary titles, it is unclear how data loads of MARC records into Aleph may be affected. There may be subtle changes in the MARC records that may require changes to the “fix” file used in p-manage-25. OLIS still needs to see these MARC records before knowing the extent of work that needs to be done.

If your campus loads ebrary MARC records into Aleph in batch and you move to Ebook Central, please contact OLIS via Footprints. Please do NOT load records from Ebook Central until OLIS can review and/or update your campus files and gives you the go-ahead to do the loads.

Thanks very much.

— Natalie

OLIS Service Announcement: Aleph OPAC now more secure

As of today, your Aleph OPAC is running over the more secure https protocol rather than http. Data passed between the browser and the Aleph server is encrypted on all screens and not just the patron login screens.

The url you are using for the prod OPAC is in the format:
* zzz = campus code
* 4##0 = campus port number

After you click any Aleph link within the catalog, you will see the url changes to:
* Note the ‘s’ in https and the last digit of the port number changes from 0 to 9.

If you’d like the opening screen of the OPAC to be https, you will need to change your link to:
* Substitute your campus code and the middle 2 digits of your port number

If you have any questions specific to your campus, please submit a Footprints ticket.

— Natalie