v22 DEV Upgrade Completed – ALF, CER, CNG, ESF, GEN, NEW, POT

From: Zajkowski, Maureen
Sent: Friday, May 27, 2016 3:34 PM
Subject:v22 DEV Upgrade Completed – ALF, CER, CNG, ESF, GEN, NEW, POT

Hello Everyone

Your Aleph v22 DEV side is now ready for review.  Your server name and port numbers for the v22 DEV will be the same as for your 20 DEV.

The attached document provides information to help guide you through the v22 Upgrade.  The attached packet is being sent only to the Aleph campus contacts.  Please share this packet with your library colleagues at your campus.

The document includes information on accessing the v22 GUI (sorry – a new one must be installed), what’s new in v22, as well as tips for testing your data.

Please submit any questions related to the v22 upgrade and/or materials in this packet to Footprints.

Have a lovely holiday weekend.



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