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Aleph v22 Upgrade Announcement

TO: SUNY Libraries with Aleph Regions housed on the SUNYConnect Shared Servers at ITEC

The Aleph v20 to v22 upgrade calendar for the DEV and PROD regions of the campuses on the shared servers at ITEC is available at:

The calendar starts with **MUST READ** notes. Please review these notes as they provide valuable information that campus staff must be aware of regarding the upgrade.

The differences between Aleph v20 and v22 will not require regional Aleph training. A list of major highlights in Aleph v22, along with more information about Aleph updates, is available through the Aleph Support Portal at:

Because the OLIS and ITEC staff are heavily involved in preparing for the upgrade, some v20 support requests, particularly for new functionality, might not be addressed until after the v22 upgrade. We appreciate your understanding as we all work together to move from v20 to v22.

Additional information regarding the upgrade will be provided to campuses when their v22 Aleph DEV regions become available.

Thank you

Maureen Zajkowski
SUNYConnect Program Manager
The State University of New York
State University Plaza – Albany, New York 12246
Tel: 518.320.1477 Fax: 518.320.1554
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SUNY Data Cleanup

Several recent OLIS projects, including the Campus Profiles and work on the One Bib Project, have highlighted the need to clean-up and standardize some Aleph data as we prepare to move toward a next-generation system.  Any migration of data will be easier with consistent data.

The OLIS has compiled a document that outlines several policies that will help us prepare for any future migration.  The document can be found in Footprints – Solution # 12541, SUNY Data Cleanup.

Thank you in advance for reviewing this information and reviewing and potentially updating your campus workflows policies.

— Office of Library & Information Services