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Standard Use of the Aleph STA Field

Several recent OLIS projects, including the Campus Profiles and work on the One Bib Project, have highlighted the need to standardize some Aleph data as we prepare to move toward a next-generation system.

One area of importance is being able to clearly identify active bib records when we migrate data in the future. The OLIS has determined that the best way to achieve this goal is to use the Aleph STA field in a standard manner.

Campuses should review their use of STA fields and ensure that current workflow meets the standards outlined below. Campuses should also review their existing records and modify the STA field (or permanently delete the records) so that all records meet these standards.

OLIS will be happy to assist campuses with modifying existing records and/or permanently deleting records. Please submit a Footprints to request this work.

OLIS requests that all STA values in all records be brought in line with the standards by June 1, 2016.

Standard Use of STA Values


  • Use for ebrary and EBL records and other data loads that routinely delete and add back titles


  • Use for records that could be completely removed from your catalog at some point and that will not be migrated to future systems

All other STA values

  • Use for records that need to be kept in Aleph long-term, but not displayed in the OPAC and/or not sent to a Discovery Service



This document can be found in Footprints as Knowledge Base #12391

— Natalie