Library Systems – What’s Next, What’s New?

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Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2015 8:45 PM
To: SUNYLA discussion group
Subject: [sunyla-l] Library Systems – What’s Next, What’s New?


This is an open Invitation to the SUNY community to join the “Next Gen” Library Systems Information Group in the SUNY Learning Commons.

In April 2015 the OLIS distributed a Request for Information (RFI) to solicit responses from vendors regarding developments in the library systems market. The scope of the RFI was to acquire information on next generation library systems that can support the significantly varied needs and sizes of libraries across SUNY; including vendors’ product roads maps, services in support of those products, and associated costs.

A Library Systems RFI Review team has been established to review the vendor responses (participants include members of the SUNY Council of Library Directors Executive Board, the OLIS, and representatives from campuses).

To help the SUNY library community (beyond the members of the RFI Review team) acquire information on developments in library systems, a “Next Gen” Library Systems Information Group has been created in the SUNY Learning Commons. This site contains the RFI vendor responses that have been designated for sharing internally within the larger SUNY community.

To access the “Next Gen” Library Systems Information Group in the Commons:
• As part of a SUNY campus you do not need to create a separate user name and password – rather, you will use your local campus credentials. The first time you login will create an account associated with the Learning Commons.
• Go to
• There is a link on the first page “Getting Started – Attention SUNY Users” – click on the LOGIN button
• You will now be on the LOGIN PAGE – from here click on the SUNY LOGIN (please ignore the WP LOGIN)
• The result is a SUNY Secure SignOn box – select your campus from the dropdown, click on login
• The result should be your local campus authentication page – where you will use your local campus username and password
• You should now be logged into the SUNY Learning Commons
• Once logged into the Commons, click on Groups and look for the “Next Gen” Library Systems Information Group and click on the “Request Membership” selection next to the group name.
• Once the Request is approved, access to the group will be available.

All vendor responses are listed in the “Documents” area. Categories have been established for each vendor as well as a category on “RFI Documents” to aid in retrieval. After you select the Documents area, the results can be filtered through the Category dropdown box.

Please note that the information provided on this site is SUNY confidential. It cannot be shared with vendors or others outside of SUNY. Also, information on Fee Structure and Pricing is not included as the vendors have requested that financial information and other proprietary information be distributed only to the Library Systems RFI Review team.

To goal is that the information made available on this group site will help everyone develop a good understanding of the evolving library systems market.


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