‘Tis the Season for Inventory – Aleph users beware

Yes – this is the time of year that many campuses undertake inventories and other collection management projects. If you run, or intend to run, the Shelf List job (p-item-05) – BEWARE.

Please take a look at Footprints Solution 6814:
How To Run p-item-05 and p-ret-adm-01 for a Shelf List Report

The document attached to this “How To” offers tips on effectively running p-item-05 and also shows how p-ret-adm-01 can be run as an alternative.

Starting with v.20, the OLIS has seen a marked increase in the number of p-item-05 jobs that need to be killed. If a large call number range is used in the input parameters the job hangs and needs to be killed by OLIS.

p-item-05 is problematic because it first searches on the Call Number range, and then limits those results by Collection.

Before running p-item-05, it would be helpful to review the document in Footprints 6814.

— Natalie

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