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‘Tis the Season for Inventory – Aleph users beware

Yes – this is the time of year that many campuses undertake inventories and other collection management projects. If you run, or intend to run, the Shelf List job (p-item-05) – BEWARE.

Please take a look at Footprints Solution 6814:
How To Run p-item-05 and p-ret-adm-01 for a Shelf List Report

The document attached to this “How To” offers tips on effectively running p-item-05 and also shows how p-ret-adm-01 can be run as an alternative.

Starting with v.20, the OLIS has seen a marked increase in the number of p-item-05 jobs that need to be killed. If a large call number range is used in the input parameters the job hangs and needs to be killed by OLIS.

p-item-05 is problematic because it first searches on the Call Number range, and then limits those results by Collection.

Before running p-item-05, it would be helpful to review the document in Footprints 6814.

— Natalie

Aleph v20 Service Pack – Completed for DEV regions

To:  Campuses with Aleph regions hosted on Delaware, Saranac and Seneca

Hello everyone

Aleph v20 Service pack 3723 has been applied to the DEV regions of all three servers.  The DEV regions are now up and running and are available for review.

Campuses will need to update the DEV Aleph GUI client.  Documentation on using version check, as well as access to a new sp3723 client, are available at:  (logon required)

The calendar for the Campus PROD updates is available at (logon required)

Please submit questions regarding the client update and the service pack upgrade to Footprints at

Thank you