Aleph Server Address Changes

TO:  Campuses with Aleph regions housed on the shared servers Delaware, Saranac and Seneca

In June 2010, OLIS sent out an announcement regarding the establishment of unique campus-specific Aleph server addresses.  The benefit is that updates to Aleph servers and hardware configurations at ITEC would have no impact on campus access to Aleph.

The OLIS and ITEC are planning to update the Aleph hardware from AIX to Linux sometime in 2012.  Specific details will be distributed to this list as the scheduling process takes shape.  PLEASE NOTE: the Linux servers will be given new names as the AIX servers are replaced.  Once that is done, the server names of Delaware, Saranac, and Seneca can no longer be used to access Aleph.

This announcement requests that you check the following to make sure the campus-specific server addresses have been updated.

  • Aleph WebOPAC URL
  • Aleph Staff GUI library.ini files
  • WorldCat Web Registry Files
  • Z39.50 server configurations

Detailed information on the above is available from the “Aleph Server Address Changes” link at: under “Aleph Version 20 Support” (logon required)

These updates can be done right now so that you do not have to worry about losing access to Aleph once the server hardware updates are done.

Thank you


Maureen C. Zajkowski
SUNYConnect Program Manager
The State University of New York
State University Plaza – Albany, New York 12246
Tel: 518.320.1477    Fax: 518.320.1554


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