Vendor Record Loads

Over the last 5 years, loading of vendor records (ebrary, Springer, SerialsSolutions, etc.) has become more frequent at almost all sites.  These loads are not only becoming more frequent, but they are also substantially larger than earlier loads (e.g. Netlibrary was initially only 1,000 records at most).

 In addition, there are a number of initiatives to consider PDA (Patron Driven Acquisitions) which require that MARC records be loaded tocatalogs, even though the title has not yet been “purchased”.

 As of 2012, it is necessary to have a SUNYConnect Policy on Vendor Record Loads for all campuses on the shared servers (Delaware, Saranac, Seneca, and their successors).

The OLIS is working on such a policy and is also working on standards and instructions for such data loads.

 At this time, the OLIS requests that ALL batchloading of records be done by OLIS, with a few exceptions.  The “exception” sites will be notified by Maggie that they are exceptions.

 If you have any questions about this policy, please submit a Footprints request.  Thank you.

Maggie Horn 

Marguerite E. “Maggie” Horn
Library Data and Systems Analyst
Office of Library & Information Services
SUNY System Administration
State University PlazaAlbany, NY 12246
voice: 518 320-1469
fax: 518-320-1554

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