Monday 9/26/11, the SUNYConnect Web makes a transition

Hello All,

On Monday, 9/26/2011, The SUNYConnect web,, will make a transition to a new look and a new wiki environment for much of the content.

The SUNYConnect home page URL remains the same,, and it will navigate you to OLIS information in a new Confluence wiki environment.

During the cutover there may be some brief periods of downtime, but Sandbox, Footprints, Angel and SUNYergy are NOT affected by this transition.

On 9/26 you will receive instructions for navigating the new Confluence pages and logging in to view restricted areas, such as you do now to use the OLIS Support Portal.

You’ll hear from me again on 9/26/11.

Thanks very much,

Laura K. Murray
Library Automation Specialist
State University Office of
Library&Information Services
Albany, New York
(518) 320-1477

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