Improvements to Reserves

The OLIS has developed two improvements for Course Reserves:  

1) word indexing on course name no longer includes the ALEPH sequence number, so truncation is not necessary all the time;

2) display of the documents list includes a call number display in the upper pane in the gui.

The change is already in effect on your dev sides.

The changes will be made on your prod sides next week. Once files are changed, the 30 library (Reserves) will need to be reindexed. This will occur between 1am and 4am either next Thursday or Friday morning. Reindexing will take the 30 library down for about 20 minutes per campus.

Schedule for reindexing:
Thu, Sept 15
   seneca: bcc, brh, cay, cor, far, fit, her, mar
   saranac: bsc, can, cer, cng, del, eri, fre, gen
   delaware: bro, cob, ins, mvc, new, nia, pla
Fri, Sept 16
   seneca: mor, nas, old, ono, opt, osw, suf, wes
   saranac: jef, one, orn, pot, pur, rcc, sul, uls

If you have any questions, please submit a Footprints.

— Natalie

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