Mobile Aleph Now Available


The OLIS is pleased to announce a mobile-enhanced version of the Aleph catalog. The mobile catalog offers basic and advanced searching, links to e-books and e-resources in 856 fields, links to Google Books, and the ability to email single titles. The mobile catalog offers a clean, uncluttered look and feel.

Each campus now has a mobile catalog in place on both the /dev and /prod sides.

Natalie Sturr, Coordinator of Library Technology at SUNY Oswego, developed the mobile catalog for her campus and has graciously agreed to share her work. The OLIS is pleased to make Natalie’s version of the mobile Aleph catalog available to all campuses on the shared servers.

The mobile catalog is designed to run in conjunction with existing campus OPAC files, and builds on work done by Laura Murray of the OLIS. Like the standard OPAC, file content is standardized to reduce long-term maintenance.

Things to know:



• Substitute your lower-case 3-letter library code for zzz
• Substitute your UPPER-case 3-letter library code for ZZZ
• Substitute your web catalog port number for ####

Modifications – Please submit a Footprints ticket if you would like:
• To have a different name displayed for your library
• A different graphic used (please attach the graphic)
• A link to your library’s mobile site to appear at the bottom of each screen (please include the url)

Thank you
Maureen Zajkowski
SUNYConnect Program Manager
Office of Library & Information Services
State University Plaza
Albany, NY 12246
voice: 518-320-1477
fax: 518-320-1554

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