EBSCO electronic books (transition from NetLibrary)

The transition from NetLibrary to Electronic Books on EBSCO has occurred.  NetLibrary links now take you to EBSCOhost where you can choose to access the “eBook Collection” .   For more information see


(While I cannot vouch for the vendor having all the kinks out …the change has occurred and thought EBSCO’s latest announcement – below – should get wider distribution.                 JES)

——————-from the vendor: ———————————-

Dear Librarians and Information Specialists,

No matter what type of researcher and/or casual reader your institution supports, you will be pleased to know that eBooks and audiobooks  are now available on EBSCOhost.

EBSCO’s extensive collection of eBook titles on EBSCOhost allows for a comprehensive and powerful search experience—with every search, relevant eBook titles will appear directly alongside your other EBSCO databases, exposing users to more of your library’s offerings—increasing usage and visibility of your library’s collection.

For a list of the new features and functionality associated with eBooks and audiobooks on EBSCOhostclick here

While users can search eBooks and audiobooks along with database content, EBSCOhost also allows for a dedicated search and browse of eBooks and audiobooks independent of other resources. Furthermore, while the collection of available eBooks and audiobooks continues to grow dramatically, we are also working with Publisher Partners to provide various expanded options for access to your library (e.g., single user, three users, and unlimited users).

In addition, we are pleased to offer extensive, free support and training information. Please see this page to register for training and explore the other helpful information provided.

We are excited to provide a better user experience to existing NetLibrary customers as well as new eBook and audiobook customers on EBSCOhost.

For more information on eBooks and audiobooks as well as our various user models, request a custom collection or a free trial, please visit our informational site at http://www.ebscohost.com/ebooks.

Kind regards,

EBSCO Publishing


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