Aleph v20 Upgrade – pt. 1 of 2

TO: SUNY Libraries with Aleph Regions housed on the SUNYConnect Shared Servers at ITEC

The OLIS and ITEC are currently planning an Aleph upgrade from v18 to v20.

Why upgrade?
The SUNY/Ex Libris Aleph contract recommends that SUNY install a new version of Aleph with 24 months of Ex Libris’ announcement of the availability of a new version and that it is mandatory that SUNY stay within 3 releases of the most recent version of the software [per Appendix I, Section 7(c)].

The upgrade will position the SUNY community to be on a stable Aleph release that will be supported for a number of years. As libraries want to offer more robust search, discovery, and delivery capabilities to their patrons, a re-evaluation of traditional library systems should be undertaken to incorporate resource-sharing strategies and shared services in support of research, teaching and learning. Discussions will be held with the SUNYConnect Advisory Council and the SUNY Council of Library Directors Executive Board regarding timeframes, scope and vision for moving forward.

Moving to Aleph v20 will buy the SUNY community time to:
a. determine the types of new and/or enhanced services libraries wish to offer (and what services might eventually be phased out)
b. determine the types of software/products/systems needed to support those services
c. investigate and evaluate available open source and commercial software/products/systems in support of those services
d. implement selected software/products/systems across SUNY

Based on the anticipated Aleph general release dates noted below, SUNY could continue with Aleph v20 until 2016. This would provide time to develop and employ strategies to move beyond Aleph to systems and services that would more effectively support our library patron communities.

Aleph v20 Upgrade Timeframes:
• DEV region upgrades – late March, April, May 2011
• PROD region upgrade – June, July, early August 2011
• Campus upgrade calendar will be distributed to the SUNY Library community in a separate posting

A list of major highlights in Aleph v20, along with more information about Aleph updates, is available through the Aleph Support Portal at:

General release dates of Aleph versions
• v16 2004 (Ex Libris ended support December 2009)
• v18 2006
• v19 2008
• v20 2009
• v21 scheduled for 2011
• v22 scheduled for 2014

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