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The SUNYCatalog at, based on the WorldCat Search API, has been updated based on comments submitted to Footprints. The OLIS staff wishes to thank the SUNY library community for your review of the version that was distributed over the summer. This announcement, along with a SUNYCatalog Frequently Asked Questions for the SUNY Library Community document, will be added to Footprints KnowledgeBase.  

The OLIS will be shutting down the Classic Aleph Union Catalog as of December 22, 2010. Specific information as to the impact on campuses will be provided shortly in announcements directed to Aleph contacts at the University Centers and on the Shared Servers. This will include information related to when the last data extracts will be loaded into Union, how this change impacts deleting records from local campus catalogs, and updates to Union Catalog URLs.

For background information on why the Classic Aleph Union Catalog will be deactivated, see the SUNYCatalog Announcement, dated June 15, 2010, at


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