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S.Solutions’ Client Center offline (12/17 9pm–)

To release this week’s enhancements, we will require an extended period of system downtime. Please note the following system impacts:

  • Serials Solutions Client Center, Ulrichsweb, and Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System will be unavailable for a period up to four hours, starting at 6 p.m. PST on Friday, December 17 (World Time Clock Conversion). Notices will be on these sites during this time reminding you that we are performing maintenance.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best Regards,


Michael Platt
Director, Global Client Support Services
Serials Solutions

Follow-up Regarding Shutdown of Aleph-based Union Catalog

TO:   Aleph campus contacts,  Technical Services staff,  Public Services staff, Systems staff

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement on the SUNYLMS, SUNYLA, and SCLD lists regarding the December 22, 2010 shutdown of the Aleph-based Union Catalog.  A copy of the announcement is also available on the SUNYConnect blog at

This posting includes information on the following topics:
1.  Last updates to the Aleph Union Catalog
2.  Revisions in workflow for deleting records from Aleph
3.  Updating URLs from the Aleph Union Catalog to the SUNYSearch Catalog

Last updates to the Aleph Union Catalog
The last updates will be completed the week of Dec. 6.  This includes data extracts from the University Centers and the campuses on the shared servers.  Natalie Sturr has been in direct contact with University Center representatives.

Revisions in workflow for deleting records from Aleph
Guidelines on deleting bibliographic records in local campus Aleph catalogs have been revised to reflect the move from the physical Aleph-based catalog to a new union catalog based on WorldCat (OCLC).  The revised guidelines have been consolidated into one document with four sections.  They are available at:

Updating URLs from the Aleph Union Catalog to the SUNYSearch Catalog
a.  URL links WITHIN a local WebOPAC will be updated by OLIS for campuses on the shared servers
b.  URL links anywhere else — Library Web pages, Course Management System (Angel, Blackboard), guides, etc. — MUST be done locally by campus staff

If  you have any questions please submit a Footprints issue at:

Thank you

SUNYSearch Union Catalog

Hello Everyone

The SUNYCatalog at, based on the WorldCat Search API, has been updated based on comments submitted to Footprints. The OLIS staff wishes to thank the SUNY library community for your review of the version that was distributed over the summer. This announcement, along with a SUNYCatalog Frequently Asked Questions for the SUNY Library Community document, will be added to Footprints KnowledgeBase.  

The OLIS will be shutting down the Classic Aleph Union Catalog as of December 22, 2010. Specific information as to the impact on campuses will be provided shortly in announcements directed to Aleph contacts at the University Centers and on the Shared Servers. This will include information related to when the last data extracts will be loaded into Union, how this change impacts deleting records from local campus catalogs, and updates to Union Catalog URLs.

For background information on why the Classic Aleph Union Catalog will be deactivated, see the SUNYCatalog Announcement, dated June 15, 2010, at


Maureen Zajkowski
SUNYConnect Program Manager
Office of Library & Information Services
State University Plaza
Albany, NY  12246
voice: 518-320-1477
fax: 518-320-1554

Enhancements to custom-56 – Items with Zero Circulation

Custom-56, Circulation Statistics – Items with Zero Circulation, has been expanded to assist with call number sorting.

     Circ / Services / Custom – Circ Stats (Titles) / Circulation Statistics – Items with Zero Circulation

Custom-56 now produces a file of BIB system numbers in $alephe_scratch in addition to the .csv files in the 50/print directory.  The file of system numbers can be used as input with other Aleph Services.

A suggested workflow to produce a list of items with zero circulation sorted by call number is to:

  • Run custom-56 with your preferred criteria.  Use the output file of BIB system numbers as input for:
  • ret-21 in the 01 library:  Services / Retrieve Catalog Records / Sort Catalog Records (ret-21).  Use the output from ret-21 as input for:
  • print-08 in the 01 library:  Services / Retrieve Catalog Records / Print Catalog Records – Columnar Format (print-08)

See the Help screen for custom-56 for more details.

New Custom Service for Reference Universe Users

For campuses that subscribe to Reference Universe, there is a new Custom Service that will create a file of ISBN numbers that can be sent to the vendor.  The file contains ISBN numbers for all bib records in Aleph that do not have an STA field.

Using Task Manager, the output file can be moved to the local PC.  The file can then be emailed to the vendor.

     Cataloging / Services / Custom Services – Cataloging / Reference Universe – ISBN Extract

This service should make it much easier for campuses to produce a file for Reference Universe.