Monthly Archives: November 2010

Improving ISBN & ISSN Indexes

The following information is for campuses with Aleph regions housed on Delaware, Saranac, and Seneca.

Various files have been enriched to provide better indexing of the ISBN and ISSN.  For this to take effect, p_manage_05 needs to be run. 

p_manage_05 locks the library, so Aleph will be down for about 30 minutes for most campuses.

For running p_manage_05, campuses are grouped together.  p_manage_05 will start at 1:00am for the first campus in the group.  When p_manage_05 completes for the first campus, the job will start running for the second campus, etc. 

The /dev sides will be done between Dec 16 and 21.  The /prod sides will be done between Jan 6 and 11.  A complete schedule for running p_manage_05 is available in olisdocs at:

If you have any questions, please submit them via Footprints.

Thank you.