Aleph sp 2222 DEV Side Available

To:  Campuses with Aleph regions hosted on Delaware, Saranac and Seneca
Hello everyone
Service pack 2222 has been applied to the DEV regions of all three servers.  The DEV regions are now up and running and are available for review.  Campuses will need to update the DEV Aleph GUI client. Documentation on using version check, as well as access to a new sp2222 client, are available at:
The version check documentation also provides information on updating your LIBRARY.INI file with the unique Aleph server name that has been established for each campus.
The schedule for the PROD side upgrades as well as documentation from ExLibris that indicates the specifics of the service pack upgrade are available at

Please submit questions regarding the client update and the service pack upgrade to Footprints at

Thank you

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