SUNYCatalog Announcement

This is to announce the new SUNYCatalog at SUNYCatalog, based on the WorldCat Search API, is a replacement to the Aleph based SUNYConnect Union Catalog. The goal of SUNYCatalog, as with the current Aleph based Union Catalog, is to provide a SUNY-wide view of all library holdings, as well as provide functionality to check circulation status availability, request items through ILL, and provide a backup to local campus catalogs. Both the Aleph based Union Catalog and the new SUNYCatalog will be available through the summer into the Fall semester.  During the Fall semester the OLIS will make a decision about when to de-commission the Aleph based Union Catalog.

SUNYCatalog was a result of the OLIS staff investigation of various open source and commercial vendor products as possible replacements to the current SUNYConnect Union Catalog. This initiative was undertaken because of concerns about the eventual viability of the Aleph based Union Catalog since it is running on unsupported versions of Aleph, the operating system and Oracle. Further, given that technology is ever evolving; that many of the products reviewed were in various stages of development; and that significant financial constraints will continue to impact SUNY campus and SUNYConnect funding for the foreseeable future, the OLIS looked for a product now available, that would support the current uses of the Union Catalog, provide enhancements, and that could be deployed within a relatively short timeframe with minimal impact on financial and staff resources.

The OLIS has been working with the IDS group on their development of the IDS Search interface. Creating the SUNYCatalog interface API builds on this collaboration already underway with the IDS Project.


Maureen Zajkowski
SUNYConnect Program Manager
Office of Library & Information Services
State University Plaza
Albany, NY  12246
voice: 518-320-1477
fax: 518-320-1554

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