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How To Create an Excel List of Reserve Items – FP-7561


The OLIS is pleased to announce another document in the How To series:
     How To Create an Excel List of Reserve Items
     Available in Footprints Knowledge Base, entry #7561


The document details the workflow in both Aleph and Excel to create a comprehensive report of Reserve items. 


The following information is included in the spreadsheet for each title:

  •  Bib info:  System Number, Call Number, Author, Title, Year
  •  Reserve info:  Course Number, Course Name, Instructor, Department, Period


New Custom Service for Cash Transactions

A new Custom Service is available to obtain a list of unpaid cash transactions (debits) that were incurred during a given time period. 



     Circ / Services / Custom – Circ Reports and Jobs / Report of Unpaid Cash Transactions


Input parameters include “From” and “To” dates for when debts were created or updated.  The output is in “grid format” so can easily be moved into Excel for further manipulation.

Each entry includes:

  • Patron information: Name, Aleph ID, Barcode, Borrower Status
  • Transaction information: Date, Type of Transaction, Sum
  • Bib info from z13 short doc: Title, System Number

This service is a modification of the ExLibris cash-10 service.