New Custom Service for Collection Analysis: Circulation Statistics – Items with Zero Circulation

A new Custom Service is available to obtain lists of titles that have not circulated during a given time period. This report should be helpful for collection analysis.

     Circ / Services / Custom – Circ Stats (Titles) / Circulation Statistics – Items with Zero Circulation

This service lists bibliographic information and item information for items that have not circulated within a specified time frame. Publication date of titles can be specified. The service can be run on one collection code or on an entire sublibrary. Bib records with an STA field are not included.

Output is broken up into files of 60,000 lines or less and is formatted as .csv (comma-delimited) files. This makes it much easier to import these files into Excel for further use and manipulation.  See the Help file for more information.

Each entry includes:

  • Bib info from Z13 short doc: System Number, Title, Author, Imprint, Year
  • Info from item record: Barcode, Sublibrary, Collection Code, Call Number, Item Status

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