One new Custom Service available for Course Reserves


A new Custom Service is available to obtain circulation statistics from within Course Reserves (the 30 library).  It is similar to Custom-50 (Circulation Statistics by Item).  This report was created in response to recent Footprints requests.



     Circ / Services / Custom – Circ Stats (Titles) / Circulation Statistics by Item – Course Reserves


This service lists bibliographic information, item information and the total number of circulation transactions within the specified time frame – for items in the 30 (Course Reserves) library. Bib records with an STA field are not included.   Circulation transactions can be limited to in-house use only, loans and renewals only, first-time loans only, or all of these transactions.


Output is broken up into files of 60,000 lines or less and is formatted as .csv (comma-delimited) files. This makes it much easier to import these files into Excel for further use and manipulation.  See the Help file for more information.


Each entry includes:

  • Bib info from Z13 short doc: System Number, Title, Author, Imprint, Year
  • Info from item record: Barcode, Sublibrary, Collection Code, Call Number, Item Status
  • Number of circulation transactions



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