Monthly Archives: December 2009

360Search update (as of 12/19/09)

Serials Solutions has announced that the updated 360Search federated search system is to be released as of 12/19/09.  This involves integrating WebFeat and 360Search.

Some highlights –
– main changes will be in administrative functions;
– you do not need to do anything to continue using 360Search;
– new “360Search Administrative Console” via Client Center;
– new support for multiple languages;
– new database connectors (via WebFeat system).

The vendor has indicated that training will be offered.

More information –

and via Support Center item #608 “360Search and WebFeat: Integration Progress”

ScienceDirect added to EBSCO Integrated Search

EBSCO’s federated search system (EBSCOhost Integrated Search – EhIS) now includes the ability to search ScienceDirect.

More SUNYConnect/EhIS info at