Allow new EBSCO IPs via firewall, etc. (9/30/09)

Recently communication department sent an email with details of EBSCO’s IP expansion.  I wanted to follow up to make sure you received the communication and understand what it may mean for your organization.  Here is a link to our Top Story regarding IP Expansion:

Please note that not every institution uses security controls (i.e. firewalls, proxies, filtering software, etc), which may require these changes.  If your institution uses these types of security controls for outbound access, please have your IT department review the details of this FAQ ( noting our new IP ranges, and make the necessary updates.

These are the new IP’s we are adding to our service effective September 30, 2009:


If you are a member of a consortium, we encourage you to share this information with your colleagues to ensure their uninterrupted access during this transition.

[J.Atwater – EBSCO]

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