p_item_06 – Shared Servers

The following information is for campuses with Aleph regions housed on Delaware, Saranac, and Seneca.

The file tab_filing_call_no has been enriched to improve inventory and shelflist reports for non-LC call numbers.  For this to take effect, p_item_06 needs to be run.

Beginning the week of June 8, p_item_06 will be run in the 50 library for each campus (both /dev and /prod) to update the z30 records.  The library is not locked during this job so Aleph will not be down.  The job should take 15-30 minutes for most campuses.

For running p_item_06, campuses are grouped together.  p_item_06 will start at 1:00am for the first campus in the group.  When p_item_06completes for the first campus, the job will start running for the second campus, etc.  The OLIS will be reviewing the results of running p_item_06 in /dev and may modify the /prod schedule if needed.

A schedule for running p_item_06 is available in olisdocs at:

If you have any questions, please submit them via Footprints.

Thank you.

  — Natalie

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