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EBSCO offer – customized screensaver (business schools)

Dear EBSCO Customer,

We are pleased to offer you a free, customized screensaver specifically designed for business schools.  Your customized screensaver can include:

·         Your school’s logo (optional)

·         Your school’s name

·         Your school’s web address

To view a sample screensaver, or to request yours today, simply complete this form


In about ten days, EBSCO will send you a customized file with instructions on how to post the screensaver to your computer(s).  If you would like us to incorporate a logo, please send it to us as a high quality file, and we will include it in the finished design.  Please note:   The design of the screensaver template that we provide (other than the branding information) cannot be changed.

We hope that you will take advantage of this free service from EBSCO.  If you have questions, please contact us at:


Marcie Brown, Technical Communications Manager

EBSCO Publishing

10 Estes Street

Ipswich, MA   01938

p_item_06 – Shared Servers

The following information is for campuses with Aleph regions housed on Delaware, Saranac, and Seneca.

The file tab_filing_call_no has been enriched to improve inventory and shelflist reports for non-LC call numbers.  For this to take effect, p_item_06 needs to be run.

Beginning the week of June 8, p_item_06 will be run in the 50 library for each campus (both /dev and /prod) to update the z30 records.  The library is not locked during this job so Aleph will not be down.  The job should take 15-30 minutes for most campuses.

For running p_item_06, campuses are grouped together.  p_item_06 will start at 1:00am for the first campus in the group.  When p_item_06completes for the first campus, the job will start running for the second campus, etc.  The OLIS will be reviewing the results of running p_item_06 in /dev and may modify the /prod schedule if needed.

A schedule for running p_item_06 is available in olisdocs at:

If you have any questions, please submit them via Footprints.

Thank you.

  — Natalie

Three new Custom Services are available


Three new Custom Services are now available.  All were initially developed for campus projects and then adapted for use as a Custom Service.



Cataloging / Services / Custom Services – Reserves /

Re-index Course Reserves


This service re-indexes the Direct, Word and Browse indexes in the Course Reserves (30) library.  This functionality was available via Web Services in v14 and v16, but did not work correctly in v18.  Thus, OLIS removed it from Web Services.  Now, the functionality is available in the GUI.


OLIS has hard-coded all the parameters into the program.  For example, it does not matter which library is selected on the input screen; this service will always run in the 30 library.



    Circ / Services / Custom – Circ Stats (Titles) /

          Circulation Statistics by Item with Patron Information

This service lists bibliographic, item, patron and transaction information for circulation transactions within the specified time frame. It can be run on one collection code or on an entire sublibrary. Bib records with an STA field are not included. The output file is in comma-delimited format that can be used and manipulated in Excel.


There is one entry for each circulation transaction.  Each entry includes:

·         Bib info from Z13 short doc: System Number, Title, Author, Imprint, Year

·         Info from item record: Barcode, Sublibrary, Collection Code, Call Number, Item Status

·         Patron information: Borrower Status, Borrower Type

·         Transaction information: Event Type, Event Date


The Event Type is an Aleph assigned code. A listing of the codes can be found in the Help file for this report.


     Circ / Services / Custom Services – Items /

           List of Items Containing OPAC Note


This service lists bibliographic and item information for items with OPAC notes.  You can choose to retrieve all records with an OPAC note, or only those with OPAC notes that contain a specified character string.


Bib records with an STA field are not included. The output file is in comma-delimited format that can be used and manipulated in Excel.


Each entry includes:

·         Bib info from Z13 short doc: System Number, Title, Year

·         Info from item record: Sublibrary, Collection Code, Call Number, Description, OPAC Note, Item Status, Item Processing Status



                                  — Natalie