Aleph “How To” information available!

Did you know that OLIS has created a number of How To documents for Aleph?   You can find How To’s on a wide range of topics – from everyday needs to the occasional data cleanup project.  There are currently over 20 documents, and the collection is growing!


Topics for How To’s are selected from the Footprints questions submitted by campuses.  Thus, the documents address real needs and provide practical solutions and suggestions.


The How To documents are available through the Footprints Knowledge Base.  They are listed on the Home screen, the first screen you see when you login.  Search on the subject How To to see all that are available.


For more information on accessing the Footprints Knowledge Base and other resources for Aleph help, see Sources for Aleph Help.


Here is a list of How To’s that are currently available.  Remember, more will be added in the future:


How To Access the OLIS Support and Documentation Portal

How To Add a Library or Base for Searching in the GUI

How To Configure Patron Address so it Fits in Window of Envelope

How To Correct Special Characters with p-manage-21

How To Create Local Call Number from 099 on OCLC Export

How To Create a Report of Bib Information from a File of Barcodes

How To Create a Report of Weeded Items Within a Particular Date Range

How To Email Overdues

How To Find Sources for Aleph Help

How To Gather z39.50 Server Configuration Information

How To Make a Persistent URL Link to an Aleph Web OPAC

How To Manage End of Semester Due Dates

How To Manage Library Hours and tab17

How To Move Aleph Data into Excel

How To Open an Older File in Services History

How To Rebuild the Print Templates Package After Modifying an XSL Report 

How To Report Problems to ExLibris

How To Setup Overdues Using Different Templates (text) for Each Notice

How To Use Aleph to Retrieve Data for the NCES Academic Libraries Survey 2008

How To Use Sandbox, Including the Aleph Utilities

How To Use the job_list to Run a Program Now  in v18


If you have a suggestion for a How To document, do let us know.




  — Natalie

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