p_manage_07 – Shared Servers

The following information is for campuses with Aleph regions housed on Delaware, Saranac, and Seneca.

In Fall 2008, the OLIS enriched the z13 (short bib) record to include the OCLC number, the STA field, and the LDR from the bib record to permit additional functionality for current and future projects.  Recently, it was determined that additional edits need to be made.

Beginning the week of March 23, updated files for tab_expand and tab_expand_join_simple will be delivered and p_manage_07 will be run in the 01 library for each campus (both /dev and /prod) to update the z13 records.  While p_manage_07 is running, it is expected that most campuses will be down less than 30 minutes.  Campuses with the largest bibliographic databases should be down less than 45 minutes.

For running p_manage_07, campuses are grouped together.  p_manage_07 will start at 1:00am for the first campus in the group.  When p_manage_07 completes for the first campus, the job will start running for the second campus, etc.  The OLIS will be reviewing the results of running p_manage_07 in /dev and may modify the /prod schedule if needed.

A schedule for running p_manage_07 is available in olisdocs at:


If you have any questions, please submit them via Footprints.

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