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Gale offers one year of LitFinder and price freeze

Gale Cengage is providing one year (2009) of free access to their LitFinder resource.  All SUNYConnect libraries should see LitFinder included in their menu of Gale databases as of the first of the year.  In the meantime, this URL should provide access (

For more information about LitFinder –

In addition, Gale Cengage has indicated that pricing for the following resources will remain the same as FY 2008-09 pricing:

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Gale Virtual Reference Library hosting fee

posted by John Schumacher

Aleph v18 Service Pack 1871 Upgrade

TO:  Aleph Contacts for Campuses hosted on the Shared Servers at ITEC

Starting the week of January 5, 2009 the OLIS and ITEC will be installing v.18 Aleph Service Pack (sp) 1871 on the DEV regions of Delaware, Saranac and Seneca.  Starting the week of February 2, sp1871 will be applied to PROD regions on the shared servers.

Please review the following documents for specific information regarding the service pack upgrade.  They are located at:

  • Service Pack 1871 Announcement (Service_Pack_1871_Announcement.doc)
  • Campus Upgrade Schedule (Service_Pack_Campus_Schedule_2008dec18.xls)

Here is a summary of the process:

  • Your DEV region will be unavailable for **one week** on the dates indicated on the attached schedule.
  • Your PROD region will be unavailable during the morning on the date indicated on the attached schedule.
  • Updates will be required for the Staff GUI client to work with sp1871.  See the Service Pack 1871 Announcement for more information.
  • The process for moving sp1871 to your PROD regions is summarized on the Service Pack 1871 Announcement
  • Once your DEV region is brought down in January, you are asked to track any Aleph Unix table changes you make to the PROD region until your PROD region is updated with sp1871 to ensure that those changes would not be lost in the Aleph Unix table copy from DEV to PROD.

If you have questions about the service pack update process, please submit a Footprints issue and select the “Aleph Service Pack Updates” service task.

A list of Aleph Campus Contacts is available at:

Thank you
Maureen Zajkowski
SUNYConnect Program Manager
Office of Library & Information Services
State University Plaza
Albany, NY  12246
voice: 518-443-5577
fax: 518-443-5358

American Chemical Society cost containment agreement (NYSHEI)

SUNY libraries, as members of NYSHEI can take advantage of the agreement between ACS (American Chemical Society) and NYSHEI to limit the annual increases for ACS subscriptions.  Current subscribers should see this on their renewal invoices.  If not, please notify your ACS representative

More information available at

Redefining Aleph Support

At the April 2008 SCLD Annual Meeting, there was considerable discussion regarding the amount of resources the OLIS uses to support the Aleph system. The concern was that the focus of staff and funding on Aleph prevents the OLIS from taking on new initiatives to enhance SUNY-wide library services.  Over the summer and fall 2008 the OLIS has reviewed the Aleph support provided to campuses in Managed Services and campuses not in Managed Services.

The document “SUNYConnect Redefining Aleph Support” outlines a revised Aleph support model.  The document was reviewed and supported by the SUNYConnect Advisory Council at their November 13, 2008 meeting.   This document, along with more information can be found at:

Maureen Zajkowski
SUNYConnect Program Manager
Office of Library & Information Services
State University Plaza
Albany, NY  12246
voice: 518-443-5577
fax: 518-443-5358

Online Community Created for Serials Solutions Clients (by vendor)

Online Community Created for Serials Solutions Clients

Josh Hadro — Library Journal, 12/2/2008

  • Place for customers to collaborate and share best practices
  • Better model than piecemeal posts on mailing list?
  • Not a replacement for official customer support

Serials Solutions, the e-resource access and management provider, has recently launched the Serials Solutions Online Community, designed as a place for customers to “collaborate on projects, share best practices, exchange thoughts, and suggest innovative development ideas.”