Scrubbing the circulation log with p_cir_32

New to ver 18 is a circulation log – viewable on the Patron screen in circ.  Data for the circulation log is kept in a new z309 oracle table. Those campuses that scrub their patron data may also wish to scrub the circulation log. The z309 table is NOT scrubbed automatically – you need to change the entry for p_cir_32 in job_list for this to happen.To change your job_list entry for p_cir_32, you need to change (in the Sandbox editor) the very last ‘N’ in the parameter string to ‘Y’.

File: alephe/tab/job_list
Job that scrubs patron data: p_cir_32

Sample cir_32 parameter string:

  • WithOUT circ log scrub:   SNY50,patron_scrub,001,N,Y,Y,,Y,,Y,Y,N,N,N,
  • WITH circ log scrub:         SNY50,patron_scrub,001,N,Y,Y,,Y,,Y,Y,N,N,Y,
  • The change will be effective after the next Monday morning Aleph restart . To make it effective immediately, use the Sandbox Util Menu feature and select:
    E. Monitor Background Jobs
         15. Managing Job Daemon
                1. Start / Re-start job daemon

    Managed Services campuses may submit a Footprints to request this change.

    – Natalie

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