v18 job_list

We have discovered that some jobs in the v18 job_list appear to run just fine; however, there is no data in the output file. We have reviewed the v18 job_list for all campuses and have made the following edits:

p_cir_17, p_cir_50, p_cir_51, p_cir52 – The “,00,” that indicated ‘All Item Statuses’ was changed to a blank “,,” in the parameter string.

Testing shows that p_cir_07, p_cir_10, p_cir_12, p_cir_13 are working fine with the existing parameters.

All changes to the v18 job_lists became effective Monday, June 2.

Should you experience any problems with jobs running out of the job_list, especially when you are expecting data and none is returned, please report them to OLIS via Footprints. There is a Footprints Service Task for: Aleph job list/daemon v.18.

With every new version of Aleph comes a few surprises. Thanks for your understanding.

— Natalie

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