v18 update notes

Hello everyone

Here are a few clarifications regarding the v18 upgrade announcement that I sent out earlier today:

1.  The information about not updating tables in v16 PROD refers to Aleph configuration tables.  You can continue all work done through the Aleph Staff GUI such as adding and editing bibliographic records and functions associated with circulation, course reserves, acquisitions and serials.

2.  Regarding the time the DEV regions will be unavailable – the statement in the Aleph Version 18 Upgrade Schedule, drafted in early February, indicated “one week or more.”  Over the past 2 months the OLIS has realized that more time would be needed.  Consequently, I edited the Aleph Version 18 Upgrade Schedule to reflect the statement made in my earlier announcement.  As we go through the upgrade process it will become clearer as to how long the upgrade activities will take.  This may mean that campuses have a month, rather than two months, to review their DEV regions.  The only way to allow for longer review time for the DEVs would be to push the PROD upgrades into Fall semester 2008.


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