PLIF – v18 Updates


This is addressed to campuses housed on Delaware, Saranac, and Seneca. Ex Libris has made changes to the v18 patron loader interface format (PLIF).  There is information noted below for BOTH BANNER sites and campuses that DO NOT use BANNER as the source of their patron data.

TO:  BANNER SITES – The OLIS has contacted SICAS with information needed to update the v16 SORYALD program that provides SICAS loads from Banner to Aleph.  The OLIS will be in contact with SICAS as to when the updated SORYALD program will be available for v18.  The SICAS web site at provides a list of member campuses.

TO:  Campuses that use systems other than Banner for patron data – Please contact your campus IT staff to let them know that the v16 PLIF used for your campus should be updated to accommodate changes in v18. Nathan Fixler has created a one page document that describes the specific changes that have been made in the v18 Aleph PLIF format.  This document, along with the v18 PLIF documentation from Ex Libris, is available at:  Please make this information available to your IT staff.

Please submit questions or clarifications on the updated PLIF format to Footprints.

Maureen Zajkowski
SUNYConnect Program Manager
Office of Library and Information Services
State University Plaza
Albany, New York  12246
voice:  518-443-5577
fax:  518-443-5358

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