Union catalog “deletions” problem is solved

Thanks to some investigative work by Natalie and an additional step in the union catalog extract process, the problem associated with removing records from the union catalog is solved.  For everyone on a shared server (i.e. everyone except the research centers and Stony Brook Health Sciences*), Natalie extracted all your records with any STA value and removed them from the union catalog earlier this month.**

 You may now return to deleting records as you have before with the following caveats:

1) You might test a few records which were “deleted” (i.e. an STA field added to them) in November to see if they are NOT in the union catalog

 2) You must still follow the instructions on deletions as already documented and available here: http://www.sunyconnect.suny.edu/olisdocs/public/Aleph/BibliographicStandards/

3) Remember that if you want to take statistics on any value in any record (Holding, item, bibliographic), then the record has to exist … actual deletion of any of these records means that you won’t be able to take stats at a later date

4) Do NOT physically delete records until you are reasonably sure that a union catalog update has been taken (guidelines suggest a month after you’ve assigned the STA)

*Research centers and STH should submit a footprints request so that we can work with you on getting the new process to you and assuring that your withdrawn records have been withdrawn

**For those of you who actually deleted records prior to our finding the problem, we have to figure out a way to get those out of the union catalog — right now, they are still in the union catalog.

 Maggie Horn

*****************************************************************Marguerite E. “Maggie” Horn

Library Data and Systems Analyst

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SUNY System Administration

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Albany, NY 12246

voice: 518 443-5564

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e-mail: maggie.horn@suny.edu


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