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OLIS Announcement: AIX VIO Server reboot

Hello all

ITEC will be doing system work as indicated in the following message.  While Aleph servers housed at ITEC will be involved, ***NO*** service interruptions are expected.  This message is to inform you of these activities.   


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From: Mike Radomski []
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 1:43 PM
To: SUNYConnect Technical list
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Subject: [sctech] AIX VIO Server reboot

Hello,We are beginning the initial migrations to the XP24000 storage system.  In order to begin migrating, we need to reboot our VIO servers on our pSeries systems.  The VIO servers are redundant within a managed system and can reboot without interruption to the LPARs running on the system.  The reboots will occur between 4a-7a on the designated days.  Although there should be no interruption to service, we want to communicate our intentions and thank you for your patience.

This is the current schedule for VIO reboots and the LPARs managed by the systems:

Friday 2/1 – VIO9/10




Monday 2/4 – VIO8, VIO3/4




itxmail01 (Old Westbury Lotus Notes)







Tuesday – VIO5/6









itxmail02 (Old Westbury Lotus Notes)




Wednesday – VIO1/2











Mike Radomski




Information Technology Exchange Center

Supervising Analyst of Systems and Telecommunications Services


Phone: (716)878-4832

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We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. 

-Albert Einstein

Friends in the SUNY community,ITEC and OAS (System Administration) are embarking on the installation and migration phases for our HP XP storage systems.  For those that were not at Wizard, both organizations are implementing a common storage platforms, HP XP12000 and XP24000, as the building blocks of the larger dual-data center project.  Having a common platform will allow the data centers to replicate data and share a common skill set.  This all being said, ITEC will need your support in scheduling the daunting task of migrating to the XP.

Next Wednesday morning, 4a-7a, we will be upgrading our Cisco MDS switches.  HP is adding additional line cards, which are hot-add components.  I wanted to inform everyone, as the MDS’s are core components and although it is non-disruptive, stranger things have happened.

Over the next 1-3 months, we will be migrating all of the storage currently residing on our IBM Shark to the HP XP24000.  ITEC will be migrating approximately 75 systems to the new platform.  The target systems consist of development, non-production, redundant and production systems for our hosted offerings in SLN (Classic and Angel), SUNYConnect, Banner and Luminis.  We will be publishing a migration schedule next week pending some implementation tasks and migration testing.

For full production systems, we will adhere to our regular 4a-7a Wednesday maintenance window.  However, we may need to extend that window to 12a-7a for some of the larger data systems.  This will be done on a system by system basis.  We will give you at least 1 week notice, with the majority of the schedule for the next 1-3 months published next week.

For redundant, non-production and development systems, we ask for your flexibility in scheduling.  We will be asking, on a system by system basis, to schedule migration outside of the Wednesday maintenance window.

Most migrations will require two reboots.  The first reboot is to upgrade HBA drivers, followed by data synchronization, concluded with a final reboot to migrate fully to the XP24000.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Union catalog “deletions” problem is solved

Thanks to some investigative work by Natalie and an additional step in the union catalog extract process, the problem associated with removing records from the union catalog is solved.  For everyone on a shared server (i.e. everyone except the research centers and Stony Brook Health Sciences*), Natalie extracted all your records with any STA value and removed them from the union catalog earlier this month.**

 You may now return to deleting records as you have before with the following caveats:

1) You might test a few records which were “deleted” (i.e. an STA field added to them) in November to see if they are NOT in the union catalog

 2) You must still follow the instructions on deletions as already documented and available here:

3) Remember that if you want to take statistics on any value in any record (Holding, item, bibliographic), then the record has to exist … actual deletion of any of these records means that you won’t be able to take stats at a later date

4) Do NOT physically delete records until you are reasonably sure that a union catalog update has been taken (guidelines suggest a month after you’ve assigned the STA)

*Research centers and STH should submit a footprints request so that we can work with you on getting the new process to you and assuring that your withdrawn records have been withdrawn

**For those of you who actually deleted records prior to our finding the problem, we have to figure out a way to get those out of the union catalog — right now, they are still in the union catalog.

 Maggie Horn

*****************************************************************Marguerite E. “Maggie” Horn

Library Data and Systems Analyst

Office of Library & Information Services

SUNY System Administration

State University Plaza

Albany, NY 12246

voice: 518 443-5564

fax: 518 443-5358



Gale offering free database access (into first part of Feb.2008)

 [January 24, 2008]  Dear Valued Customers:

Gale is pleased to provide you with free access to some of our core databases, to help your users find the authoritative information they need when they need it.  This has been an exciting year for Gale, as a number of our databases have seen tremendous improvements in both content and technology.  Our Health and Wellness Resource Center, Biography Resource Center and History Resource Center all have new interfaces and significant new content.  Gale’s Literature Resource Center and its unmatched content is now on a new platform and cross-searchable with MLA, LitFinder and the Gale Virtual Reference Library.  Both Academic and General OneFile are now the world’s largest two periodical resources and they are cross-searchable, giving you access to more than 18,000 periodicals.  Business and Company Resource Center recently was updated to include real-time financials, investment information, podcasts and blogs.

Please use the link below to access these databases for the next two weeks, free of charge. 

 And, as always, please let us know how we can help serve you better.

Nader M. Qaimari

Senior Director

Gale, a cengage Learning company

248-699-8139 (Office)

248-761-7095 (Mobile)


EBSCO back online

Hi John,
I wanted to let you know that EBSCOhost should be up and running for everyone now.  We are now able to access the internet and EBSCOhost, so I believe that the issue has been resolved.  The problem was tracked to a router with our internet service provider in Boston.  We found that about ½ of EBSCOhost customers were affected by this outage.

Feel free to contact me if people are still having trouble with access.  My apologies again for this inconvenience.

 Have a great afternoon!


Amy Levine
Academic Account Executive
EBSCO Publishing
Phone: 800-653-2726 Ext. 2461
Fax: 978-356-5640

EBSCO currently offline – power outage

[An update to this entry is found at 


The EBSCO databases are currently unavailable.

The vendor’s site / locale has a power outage. From Academic Account Executive Amy Levine :

This is the latest from our Tech Support folks:

“FYI…there is a power outage in town, and our systems and networking team are working to restore access as quickly as possible. We’ll keep you informed of updates, as we get them.”

I will touch base with you as soon as I receive an update of the situation. I apologize for this major inconvenience.



John Schumacher
Office of Library and Information Services
SUNY System Administration
SUNY Plaza
Albany, NY 12246
SUNYConnect database trials
and offers are listed at

Jan 21, 2008 – Reporting Urgent Aleph problems


REGARDING:  Campuses housed on Delaware, Saranac, Seneca

Monday, January 21 2008 is a holiday.  Please report URGENT Aleph problems using these procedures for evening, weekends, and holiday support:  contact ITEC staff by telephone at 716-878-4832.  Follow the “off” hour instructions in the message.  You will be given three phone numbers of staff members on call.  Wait 10-15 minutes before calling again or contacting one of the other numbers.

URGENT Problems are the following:
* the Aleph server is not responding via any connection method
* the Circulation module is not allowing items to be checked out
* the web OPAC is not functioning on the Prod side
* searching is broken in both the web and GUI OPACs

ALL other Aleph problems are to be submitted through Footprints:

Thanks very much
Maureen Zajkowski
SUNYConnect Program Manager
Office of Library and Information Services
State University of New York
State University Plaza
Albany, NY  12246
518-443-5358 – fax

Syndetic Solutions’ usage statistics (cover images, TOCs, etc.)

Usage statistics for the Syndetic Solutions content (cover images, table of contents, reviews, etc.) are available on the OLIS Documents area.

The usage measured was in the final quarter of 2007. The file includes campus-specific numbers as well as SUNYConnect totals.