Serials Solutions – inbound and outbound emails experiencing delays

[November 6, 2007 note: Serials Solutions indicates that this problem has been resolved.]

Over the past 24 hours Serials Solutions has been experiencing delays with inbound and outbound email, which includes support emails sent to These delays are being caused by an upgrade to our anti-spam software and we are working diligently with our vendor to resolve this problem.

This problem is exclusive to our email system and does not affect your services hosted by Serials Solutions and does not affect your ability to use the Client Center.

If you have sent emails to within the last 24 hours, please note that we will receive them after a delay. You may also receive a notice stating that the message was undeliverable, but we have been informed that all messages will be delivered after our email problem is resolved.

We encourage you to submit all of your support inquiries through the Support Center instead of emailing Any questions or issues reported via the Support Center ensures that your inquiries get logged into our support tracking system upon entry and will be handled in the most expeditious manner. We highly recommend that our users use this system as opposed to sending emails to

If you have not used the Support Center before today, please log into the Client Center and click on the Support Center link in the upper right-hand corner. A new window will open and you will be prompted to login again using your Client Center username and password. Please note the Support Center login is case-sensitive. If your username and password are not allowing you to login, use the “Email Me My Password” feature on the login page with the exact email address used to log into the Client Center. The system will email your access information.

If you require assistance to access the Support Center or you need to contact us for an emergency situation regarding your Serials Solutions service, please contact us at (866)SERIALS ext. 4.

Michael Platt
Director, Library Client Services

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