Announcement-First Circulation in the Morning Resolution

 Hello All,

 Please read this important announcement below regarding the solution for the problems with the first circulation in the morning:


The first circulation of the morning was found on many SUNY campuses to result in error messages and the need to re-do the first circulation.  The SUNY OLIS reported this problem to Ex Libris, who reported back that the problem was the process that drops and re-creates tab16 & tab17 (cir_01) was in the job_list and should be removed.  Ex Libris stated that having cir_01 in the job_list was redundant as the process would take place automatically as part of overnight processing.


The SUNY OLIS tested this scenario by removing cir_01 from the job_list and editing both tab16 & tab17.  What was found was this:


If tab16 was changed, it would be updated by overnight processing

If tab17 was changed it would be updated by overnight processing

If both tab16 and tab17 were edited on the same day, only tab16 would be updated by overnight processing.


If tab16 & tab17 were edited on the same day and the cir_01 (reset z301 table) process was run manually, both tables were updated immediately.


Because of this unintended consequence of removing cir_01 from the job_list, the following is the recommended steps to take IF you want to edit both tab16 & tab17 on the same day.   You may also follow this procedure after editing either tab16 or tab17 if you want the changes to be in effect immediately:


 1.  Edit and save tab16 & tab17, using the editor of your choice.


2.  In the cataloging client, run “Clear UTF files/util x-7 (custom-98).  This may be found at: Cataloging/Services/Custom Services – General.


3.  In the Circulation client run cir_01 (Circulation/Services/Custom – Circ Reports and Jobs/Run p_cir_01 – reset z301 table (custom-99).


4.  Verify the change by refreshing your circ client, then click on [D] Active Due Dates in the Loan window.


The SUNY OLIS will remove cir_01 from the job_list for all campuses on
Delaware, Saranac and Seneca servers this week and the change will be effective starting Monday, November 5. 



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