Version 18 – 9/10/2007 Status Update

TO:  Campuses in the shared server environment.

At the end of August, Ex Libris installed a default Ex Libris v18 environment on “Mohawk” the test server at ITEC.  During September the ITEC and OLIS staff will develop a v18 training database for OLIS.  Once this training database is completed the OLIS staff will have the opportunity to begin investigating version 18 within the context of the SUNY Aleph configuration.  This investigation, in conjunction with the testing of the Ex Libris Upgrade Express scripts will result in a better understanding of how the SUNY Aleph configuration needs to be modified for v18 and will help determine possible training needs.

The OLIS and ITEC expect to work through December 2007 on testing and creating the SUNY v18 environment.  The actual campus upgrades would then begin sometime in 2008.  By the end of 2007 the OLIS will have a better idea when the campus migrations might be scheduled.

For the v14 to v16 upgrade, the Aleph GUI client changed significantly, impacting all staff modules.  Given the extent of the changes, Ex Libris provided regional demos to highlight the updates between the two versions.  The v16 to v18 changes are not nearly as dramatic.  Many of the updates will not impact SUNY because of our type of shared server environment.  Consequently, there will not be any regional demos for the v16 to v18 upgrade.

One area that will be new to SUNY is Item Booking (Ex Libris terminology for Materials Booking).  Ex Libris will be offering SUNY an Item Booking web cast on November 1, 2007 at 2:00pm.  The web cast is scheduled to run 45 minutes.  I will send out a separate email asking who would be interested in participating.  The web cast is offered at no cost, but Ex Libris did request that participants sign-up ahead of time.  It will be recorded.

For those of you attending the October 5 SUNYLA LiSUG meeting at Cobleskill, please note that there are various sessions related to Aleph v17/18.  One in particular is on __Getting Started with Materials Booking__ that will be presented by Jennifer Murray and Susan Dow from the University at Buffalo.


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