WS_FTP Pro users – if you get Failed SSH Key Exchange error

Hi Everyone, 

After our ALEPH server OS upgrades, some campuses have reported receiving this error when trying to make an FTP connection to their ALEPH server using the client, WS_FTP Pro: “Failed SSH Key Exchange”

There are 2 possible solutions:

1) In WS_FTP Pro (at lease the latest version) under Options / SSH / you can uncheck this option: “Use zlib compression” and this does solve the problem. If you have an old version of WS_FTP and don’t see the option to uncheck the zlib compression, you can upgrade WS_FTP Pro (for a small price) and then de-select the zlib compression option. See for download and purchase information. You’ll need your serial number for your current version; if you do not know it, they have options for helping you locate it.


2) You can switch to a good free SFTP client, WinSCP, available for download at The WinSCP interface is very user friendly.

This information is also in Footprints Public Solution 4246

Laura Murray, OLIS

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