Serials Solutions/360 Link periodical holdings list

Many sites have requested directions for creating a serials/periodicals holdings list to send to Serials Solutions for 360Link purposes (or other).  Natalie Sturr and Maggie Horn have worked together to create procedures and also suggested recommendations for content.  Natalie has placed all the required files on the shared servers, so everyone except the University Centers should have everything in place to produce whatever list is desired.

 Documentation consists of two files:
1) 360Link_SUNYConnect_Recommendations_for_Holdings_List.doc … which contains Maggie Horn’s recommendations on content of the holdings list, based on discussions with Serials Solutions and capabilities of ALEPH for easy output

2) Periodical_Printout_Setup_for_Serial_Soutions.doc …which contains Natalie Sturr’s directions for how to actually produce the list; this also contains file setup information, which has already been done on the shared servers 

 Both files are on the OLIS Documentation Portal:

 Enjoy!  If you have any questions, feel free to submit a Footprints request.

****************************************************************Marguerite E. “Maggie” Horn

Library Data and Systems Analyst

Office of Library & Information Services

SUNY System Administration

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Albany, NY 12246

voice: 518 443-5564

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