Enhancements to EBSCOhost / EBSCOadmin

Dear EBSCO customer,We are excited to announce the availability of a significant number of new features and functionality updates, affecting the EBSCOhost web interface, EBSCOadmin, as well as the Kids Search, Consumer Health Complete, Student Research Center, Searchasaurus, Business Searching and International Security & Counter Terrorism interfaces. To view screen shots and pertinent details concerning any of the latest enhancements, simply click (or copy and paste the URL into your browser) on any link that applies to your particular product mix.

Please note: If you feel that any of your colleagues should be included in future technical communications such as this one, please let us know who they are (name, title, institution name, city, state/province, country, company email address) by sending an email to: information@ebscohost.com.

New features available now:

My EBSCOhost Supports Multiple Folders:
Click here. (http://support.epnet.com/support_news/detail.php?id=371&t=r&return=true)

Thesaurus Search Suggestions Visible to Users :
Click here. (http://support.epnet.com/support_news/detail.php?id=372&t=r&return=true)

HTTPS Access is now Available:
Click here. (http://support.epnet.com/support_news/detail.php?id=354&t=r&return=true)

Miscellaneous Enhancements, e.g., Autocomplete Upgrade, Customizable Ask-A-Librarian Link to a Specified URL:
Click here. (http://support.epnet.com/support_news/detail.php?id=368&t=r&return=true)

Administrators can Customize Database Groupings:
Click here. (http://support.epnet.com/support_news/detail.php?id=370&t=r&return=true)

Shibboleth Authentication Service Supports Additional Federations:
Click here. (http://support.epnet.com/support_news/detail.php?id=377&t=r&return=true)

EBSCO’s Advanced 508 Compliant Interface:
Click here. (http://support.epnet.com/support_news/detail.php?id=356&t=r&return=true)

We hope that you like the new, easier-to-read format, and welcome your comments.


Marcie Brown
Technical Communications Manager
EBSCO Publishing
10 Estes Street
Ipswich, MA 01938

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