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Delaware Server Downtime

This message is for campuses on the DELAWARE Server

ITEC has identified a potential problem with the OS file system that could cause data corruption.  ITEC is being pro-active to address the issue.  They wish to do it as soon as possible as IBM cannot guarantee how long they can run the server without causing a serious problem.

The fix will require downtime. Here is the schedule:

DEV regions – will be brought down today (August 29) and will be down until Friday, August 31 at noon.

PROD regions – will be brought down on Friday (August 31) and will be down from 4:00am until 12:00noon.

We do apologize for this.

Service Pack 2057 – Delaware, Saranac, Seneca

All DEV and PROD regions on Delaware, Saranac and Seneca have now been upgraded to Service Pack 2057.

The MAJOR reason for this service pack installation is to support the Vista Operating System environment.

* If you are changing your Aleph PC desktop equipment to the Vista operating system, you MUST install a sp2057 Aleph GUI client. That is because the current sp1851 Aleph GUI will NOT install on a PC with Vista.
* The new sp2057 Aleph GUI client and installation instructions are available at:
* If you are NOT updating to Vista, you do NOT need to install the sp2057 client. Caveat…this is based on information from Ex Libris.


WS_FTP Pro users – if you get Failed SSH Key Exchange error

Hi Everyone, 

After our ALEPH server OS upgrades, some campuses have reported receiving this error when trying to make an FTP connection to their ALEPH server using the client, WS_FTP Pro: “Failed SSH Key Exchange”

There are 2 possible solutions:

1) In WS_FTP Pro (at lease the latest version) under Options / SSH / you can uncheck this option: “Use zlib compression” and this does solve the problem. If you have an old version of WS_FTP and don’t see the option to uncheck the zlib compression, you can upgrade WS_FTP Pro (for a small price) and then de-select the zlib compression option. See for download and purchase information. You’ll need your serial number for your current version; if you do not know it, they have options for helping you locate it.


2) You can switch to a good free SFTP client, WinSCP, available for download at The WinSCP interface is very user friendly.

This information is also in Footprints Public Solution 4246

Laura Murray, OLIS

SUNY-wide Shared Search & Discovery Services Committee named

A SUNY-wide library committee has been formed to evaluate and recommend to the SUNYConnect Advisory Council approaches for improving the discovery of library resources. As an off-shoot of the Shared Services Task Force, the Shared Search & Discovery Services Committee will be a future-looking group seeking 21st century tools for finding and enhancing the use of library resources.

The committee’s charge is available.  And, is included here –

Shared Search & Discovery Services Committee – Charge

Evaluate and recommend enterprise-level search and discovery tools for SUNY library resources. 

Task:  Recommend procedures and applications for improved and unified discovery of campus library holdings, SUNY-wide library holdings and electronic resources.  Identify enhanced services for patrons. 

Goal: To establish a 21st century vision for shared library services that integrate with teaching, learning and administrative activities on our campuses.
Connect Advisory Council

From the Shared Services group – Robert Cushman (Brockport), Pamela Flinton (Oneonta)

Kate Bouman (Binghamton)

Bill Drew (Tompkins-Cortland, SUNYLA Information Technology Committee)

Ken Fujiuchi (Buffalo State)

Maggie Horn (OLIS, ex officio)

Mark Ludwig (Buffalo)

Stephan Macaluso (New Paltz)

John Schumacher (OLIS, ex officio, Project Coordinator)

Feel free to get in touch with committee members to express your views on new search tools for SUNY-wide library resources.

John Schumacher
Office of Library and Information Services
SUNY System Administration
SUNY Plaza
Albany, NY 12246
SUNYConnect database trials
and offers are listed at

Status – Delaware, Saranac and Seneca

Regarding: Delaware, Saranac and Seneca (12:40)

Delaware, Saranac and Seneca are now all available for campuses to use.


Aleph Servers – Status

As of about 9:00am on August 15, the Aleph servers Delaware, Saranac and Seneca are available to the campuses. Footprints is also accessible. Please report any problems to Footprints at:


Serials Solutions/360 Link periodical holdings list

Many sites have requested directions for creating a serials/periodicals holdings list to send to Serials Solutions for 360Link purposes (or other).  Natalie Sturr and Maggie Horn have worked together to create procedures and also suggested recommendations for content.  Natalie has placed all the required files on the shared servers, so everyone except the University Centers should have everything in place to produce whatever list is desired.

 Documentation consists of two files:
1) 360Link_SUNYConnect_Recommendations_for_Holdings_List.doc … which contains Maggie Horn’s recommendations on content of the holdings list, based on discussions with Serials Solutions and capabilities of ALEPH for easy output

2) Periodical_Printout_Setup_for_Serial_Soutions.doc …which contains Natalie Sturr’s directions for how to actually produce the list; this also contains file setup information, which has already been done on the shared servers 

 Both files are on the OLIS Documentation Portal:

 Enjoy!  If you have any questions, feel free to submit a Footprints request.

****************************************************************Marguerite E. “Maggie” Horn

Library Data and Systems Analyst

Office of Library & Information Services

SUNY System Administration

State University Plaza

Albany, NY 12246

voice: 518 443-5564

fax: 518 443-5358